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Immerse yourself in a world of wheels and accessories. Explore our wide range of wheel and wheel accessories tailored specifically to your Jaguar XE vehicle type. We offer alloy wheels that are dynamic and premium to compliment your vehicles aesthetic style and appearance. You can personalise your vehicles exterior by adding luxury wheels, or unique wheel accessories on. Upgrade your alloys while creating a dynamic feeling while driving. By adding premium alloy wheels, you’re enhancing your vehicles appearance as well as creating a luxury functionality. Jaguar accessories retain a high level of manufacturing standards so we can continue to serve the highest quality products for our customers. View all genuine Jaguar XE wheel and wheel accessories below.
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  1. T2R6547MMU
    Bright Aluminium Gearshift Paddles
    Xk 2006 - 2014 (from B00379) Jaguar Accessories F-type 2014 > E-pace 2017 >
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  2. C2P24177
    Mirror Cover - Carbon Fibre, Left Side
    Xk 2006 - 2014 (from B00379) Jaguar Accessories I-pace 2018 >
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  3. C2P24176
    Mirror Cover - Carbon Fibre, Right Side
    Xk 2006 - 2014 (from B00379) Jaguar Accessories I-pace 2018 >
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We offer class leading accessories for all Jaguars to complement your vehicle’s style, design and capability.

Jaguar accessories come with a minimum 12 month warranty or can be covered under your vehicle’s existing warranty if they’re purchased within the first month of ownership or 1,000 miles (whichever comes first).

If you need any technical or product information, please contact one of our experts who will be happy to help.

Every part is carefully packed & shipped as quickly as possible, usually within one or two days. For more information click here.